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Maggie Evans


Stigma a small six letter word,

But blocks the way; 

Too unconfident to be heard.

You beastly biased blighted word,

You block the light you’re so absurd.


Stigma stands blocking our path,

Scared alone or scared they'll laugh.

You disgust me with your devilish way,

Blinding us all through night and day.


Stigma move over;

Let me soar or fly.

Keeping tears blocked too afraid to cry,



Stigma should be shunted,

Let’s educate the world.

Seeking help not stunted,

Speak up with spoken word.



Stigma you shrink and weaken,

As my pain with few I share.

Confidence growing faster,

Now eased enough not to care.



Stigma I'd like to see you crumble,

Like an old, still, dry stone wall.

You will never see me stumble,

A voice to listen to all.



Stigma you no longer have the power,

To quieten us from the 'norm'.

It’d be boring if all the same,

Unique from the day we were all born.



Stigma now disheveled,

In future hope you’re gone.

Knowledge giving power,

To show us all you’re wrong.



Excellent! What a wondertful poem about something no one talks about. Very touching, strong and affirmative.

The poem gives a wonderful insight about how the world views mental health issues. Those of us who experience stigma are forced to hide our illness and our held hostage to it. Educators do not truly educate themselves and view any difference as a defect. Our uniqueness is what makes us all special so if stigma could be crumbled the world would be a better place.Discrimination of any kind is wrong. Once stigma is deleted we will be free to experience life and not hide our emotions and accept each other as we should. Thanks for writing this poem it really helped me I am newly struggling with my diagnosis and face discrimination due to this diagnosis. Others are acting out of fear and not supporting or embracing me right.
now. The poem has so much underlying meaning . Words are powerful!

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