Brian Jost

Brian JostBrian Jost, author of the memoir “Grounded by Bipolar Disorder; One Pilot’s Landing,” is an experienced public speaker focusing on sharing his story of living with a psychiatric disorder and understands that mental illness can change a person’s life. Although he has worked as a charter pilot and flight instructor, the diagnosis of bipolar disorder has prevented him from continuing his work as a pilot. With experience as a professional audio engineer, Brian has followed another of his passions, that of writing and recording music. Accepting his psychiatric diagnosis with a fearless attitude, Brian views his battles with bipolar disorder as a gift which has allowed him to see the true worth of people in his life. Feeling that it is his duty to help other people understand mental illness, Brian shares his personal story with audiences such as mental health consumer groups, high school and college students, law enforcement officials, educators, health care providers, faith community members, politicians, professionals, inmates, and interested civic groups. Brian shares his story in his memoir which tells of multiple hospitalizations and takes the reader through the extreme states of mind that accompany bipolar disorder. One of Brian’s strongest messages is that despite having to deal with a psychiatric disorder, recovery, and a happy, productive, meaningful life as possible. 

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