Cassandra Stout

Something I Am Proud Of:

I am proud of the parent I’ve become. Through my son’s infancy and toddlerhood, I suffered from debilitating bipolar and postpartum depression. I am sad to say that I neglected him, to the point where I rarely brushed his teeth (or my own) or took him on outings. After I started taking the right medication, the clouds lifted and I was able to fully devote myself to his care. Now that my daughter is a toddler, we go to the park almost every day and her teeth are sparkling. My son is compassionate, independent, and well-adjusted, so despite my inability to care for him well when he was younger, he has turned out brilliantly. So I am proud that I was able to snap out of my “funk” with the help of medication and appropriate therapy, and channel my new energy into taking care of my two children.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

Try to be patient with yourself. A new diagnosis may be overwhelming at first. You may have a knee-jerk reaction to reject it. Or the diagnosis may make sense of a chaotic life up until this point. Whatever your feelings, education about your diagnosis will go a long way towards affirming that it’s either the right fit or isn’t. Be patient with yourself as you sift through information, some of which may be conflicting. If you find that your diagnosis fits your behaviors, be kind to yourself as you learn to accept it.

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