Something I am Proud Of:

I’m proud of owning up for my actions and my mistakes. I never used my mental illness as an excuse for my behavior, but I was letting it take control of me. I used to do things that would destroy my relationships, not only with others, but first with myself. Today, I’m more aware of my strength and my power to control bipolar. I don’t see it as a dictator of my worth or my destiny, I see it as a part of my history. My history made me who I am today and helped me becoming the best version of myself. I work hard to continue my way through life with love and respect for others and for myself.

Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

My advice for someone who is newly diagnosed is to be indulgent to yourself and to not be afraid to talk about your mental illness. It can be hard to be newly diagnosed, but I think the best way to overcome the fear and the anger is to let yourself a chance to grow. Take time to heal every day and think about ways you can’t use your mental illness as a tool to become what you decide to be. Talk about what you live daily. Take it as a tool to grow and be a role model for every other person living with the same issues and thinking they are alone.

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