Corrin Elizabeth Ofori

My name is Corrin Elizabeth Ofori. I am thirty-one years old. I have been diagnosed with bipolar for just about ten years and it has been a constant struggle. I have seen numerous psychiatrists, and have settled down with a bipolar specialist. I have seen an even higher number of therapists, and am currently in the process of settling down with one as we speak. I have also sought after spiritual healing which has worked wonders in the past. I have been off medication once in the span of 10 years for approximately three months (with the preceding 6 months under the care of a psychiatrist for the purpose of weaning me off all medication.) I am now back on medication. I am somewhat stable but definitely have my off days. The key to such days is being easy on myself when this happens. I have a full time job as an electrical installer working on helicopters for the government. I have a huge support system comprised of family and friends, most importantly my husband of two years who is an absolute blessing. I take my blogs and my experiences very seriously. This may not be the most uplifting peak into a person’s life, at times, that has been diagnosed with bipolar, but it is my journey. I own it and I’m proud of the strides I’ve made. I know how difficult it is to relate to others in general. When I read other authors insight on their personal lives, I feel a certain connection, which in turn reassures me that I am truly not alone. I hope you enjoy my words, as much as I enjoy sharing them.

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