I sometimes wonder how and why many people who have bipolar disorder feel and become creative. I know, for example, when I am in mania I become far more into writing, descriptions, and reading book after book. I crave to live outside my life most of the time, but especially in mania. Let me back up a notch and define what exactly I mean by creativity. 

For me, creativity consists of more ideas, projects, wanting to do more, and letting myself go in terms of my content in my works. For me, I have to have lots of involvement. Therefore, I volunteer for two organizations, go to school, have a part time job, and am looking for another job. It sounds like a lot to a “normal” person, but for me it feels good to keep busy and learn new things.  Furthermore, I keep myself busy with hobbies. Hobbies assist me to relax and formulate further thinking which help form my ideas. Some hobbies include reading, collecting stamps or old books, decorating the apartment, journaling, and listening to music. I think that whatever the hobby a person has, the more it should be discovered. This will assist in freeing the mind of stress and help with decompression which ultimately will lead to creativity. 

Many famous people also have a mental illness such as bipolar disorder, again proving anyone can be affected. However, it is fascinating that most of the famous people linger in the arts and science department: Van Gogh (painter), Britney Spears (singer), and Einstein (scientist). Bipolar disorder can allow for a sense of free thinking which, in essence, allows for an easier flow of creativity in my opinion. I, for one, highly enjoy this. I love being able to think without a road block, gaining ideas and trying to promote them. 

The problem lies when depression sets in, lack of energy ensues, and one is left with another unfinished project. Lately I have new and grand ideas and my goal is to finish one project. I think people who have this disorder can get frustrated about not being able to finish something; however, I want to make that stop and actually accomplish something….as hard as it may be. I do not know or have the knowledge to go about this other than trial and error. I think that one needs to have patience and an individualized plan to “get around” depression in allowing for one to achieve their goal.

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