Dayna J.

Something I am Proud of:

When I was finally medically compliant two years after my initial diagnosis, the hospital psychiatrist told me I would never work again. She encouraged me to seek disability. Give up my professional aspirations. I fired her. Then I fought my way back! I accepted an entry level position making less than fifty percent of my previous salary. I slowly regained my confidence. I earned six promotions in twelve years. I completed my bachelor degree while working full time and earned a professional certification. I am proud of my resilience and grateful for my support network who cheered me on.

Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

A newly diagnosed bipolar patient must listen to their medical professionals. Take their medications and if/when they have side effects discuss new medications, new dosing and other alternatives with medical experts. The second actionable advice is to go to the library/store and read all the personal stories available from others who have learned to manage their disorder. You’ll laugh at their stories, learn what to watch for, and be inspired to keep going! Find similar support on your favorite social media accounts. It is now your job to learn to shine bright | be brave + thrive!


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