Dear Younger Me

By: Laura Sanscartier 

Dearest Laura,

I call you dearest because I know you don’t believe it about yourself, but you are dear to so many. Right now, at 19 years of age, you want to cease existing, and you’re trying to figure out how. I want to tell you to STOP.  Stop and look around you. Stop and feel the softness of your blanket. Stop and look at the pictures surrounding you. Stop and hear the beautiful music playing from your Walkman (remember when you used those?). Go to the kitchen and find something delicious Momma made for supper to taste.  

There are so many things in store for you, Laura. You will walk across a stage, accepting your college diploma magna cum laude. You will give recitals of beautiful music, singing with your friends & family as well as on your own. You will stand onstage at Symphony Hall in Boston and be a soloist, at the front of the stage, Keith Lockhart conducting to your left, so close that you could reach out and brush his sleeve. You will waltz with your friend Tom on that same stage. You will sing Carnegie Hall over and over and over again, and it will never get old. Sir Paul McCartney will watch you perform. You’ll have conversations with Sting, and Thomas Hampson, and James Taylor. You’ll visit James Taylor’s house to record backup, and he will remark at your lovely voice. You will attend the weddings of a million friends, laughing and singing and talking. You will sing the weddings of important people, and everyday people who are just as important. You will sing at the wedding of your sister and at the wedding of your brother, and try not to cry both times.  

Most importantly, you will meet and marry your Paulie. He is sweet and kind and generous and cranky and hilariously funny. He is perfect for you.  And you will find him. Your wedding will be perfect, and believe me, your relationship is just about the best thing since sliced bread. He is here to help you when you feel horrible, and there to rejoice with you in all your best moments.

There is so much to come, Laura. Please….stay.

With love and devotion,

39 year old Laura

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