Denis Muthuri

My name is Denis Muthuri from Kenya, Africa. I was diagnosed with unipolar depression at 18. By the time I was 23 my condition degenerated with all my symptoms pointing towards bipolar disorder 2. At the time of my diagnosis I was self-medicating with alcohol binges leading to hysterical outbursts that required me to be institutionalized.

Therapy, medication, and a spiritual thirst has allowed me to discover a personality that was buried under the weight of my condition. I have an immense love for all things in nature, write poetry when my muse inspires me and sometimes I sit and think about the universe.

I always encourage people living with bipolar to come out and share their experiences, successes and failures so that future generations will learn from us. The fewer the people in hiding, the less the stigma from the rest of the world. People only fear what they do not understand.

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