Diane Dweller

Diane Dweller considers herself an optimistic survivor. This attitude has propelled her from hiding under her bed as a child to appearances on “CBS This Morning,” CNBC, NBC, FOX, and QVC shows. Dweller has been a successful Simon and Schuster author and a columnist for “The New York Daily News.” Her memoir Mom, Mania, and Me, Surviving and Changing a Volatile Relationship shares the lessons she learned as the child, teen and adult daughter of a mother diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A graduate of Texas Tech and Stanford University, Diane has lived in numerous states plus England and Canada.
Unusual Facts About Diane
–  An artist, Diane never thought the title ‘Author’ would apply to her.
–  Seven vertebrae fused in her spine haven’t stopped her.
–  Diane cannot sing on key, but likes to try to whistle tunes.
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