Dining Out

Being bipolar we have a tendency to indulge. We indulge in shopping, adventures, hobbies, friends, worries, cares, causes and even eating out. Sometimes we eat out at very nice places. Often, we just eat anywhere. We swipe that card and then load up on what will inevitably be an over indulgence in unnecessary calories. This is unhealthy in two ways.

1. When eating out, without cash I might add (well at least that is often the case for me) it is very easy to lose track of how much you are actually eating out. Therefore you may be indulging, yes indulging on an eating out spending spree. Spending sprees are something to keep a watch on with those of us battling the demon they call bipolar.

2. It is a lot more healthy to eat at home with something you’ve cooked. Even if it’s fish sticks and tater tots, it will be much lower in calories than say… Captain D’s or Long John Silver’s. A serving of sticks and tots will run you an average of 600 calories at home.

A bonus reason to eat mostly at home is that, if any of you are like me, which I expect you are, a delightful side effect to the disorder is the gift of creativity. Creativity for me comes in many forms. One of my most favorite is the culinary prowess I’ve been given. I love to use the freshest ingredients and fancy pants it up with fresh garlic, herbs, and seasonings. I’m not saying we shouldn’t eat out at all. My suggestion is something my wife and I do which is taking out our monthly allowance for eating out in cash when we get paid. When the cash is gone, you wave bye bye to the restaurants and drive thrus until the next month.

One final note, if you’d like to check out my cooking blog please visit www.dinnerbromantic.blogspot.com 


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