Doug Colbeth

As a hi-tech CEO for over 25 years I led the evolution of two companies (Spyglass Inc. and Kinaxis Inc.) from start up ventures to public companies worth billions in market valuation. These two innovative companies both had to be reinvented (multiple times) in order to survive and then enjoy success. The notion of reinvention is also related to my other interest of Mental Health in the Workplace. Our open discussions and approach to mental health created an environment of trust – where employees were then comfortable with us making significant changes.

On a personal note I have “wrestled” with bipolar disorder and alcoholism for decades. I know first hand what others are experiencing. This includes the damaging stigmas associated with these diseases. I have also seen how far behind many organizations are in addressing the topic of mental health in the workplace – which is the primary focus of this blog. Organizations are really missing an opportunity to build employee loyalty and increase productivity.

I believe I have a unique perspective on mental health in the workplace by being a Co-Founder of Colbeth Children’s Mental Health Clinic, a bipolar patient, and a CEO. I hope you enjoy my IBPF blog HERE.

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