This one is for any of you who have been hospitalized. Have any of you ever had the dream of being either back in the hospital or having the dream of family members threaten to admit you? This dream would occur for me more frequently when I drank alcohol. I steer clear of the alcohol now, not by means of morality, but so that my medicine may always work properly. Man do I love a nice bourbon or craft brew. In fact I recently emailed the Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) and asked if they would consider brewing a non-alcoholic. But I digress. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a “hospital dream.” I consider these dreams nightmares. Honestly, none of us want to go back to what I like to call the “Wack Shack.” It’s a scary place. Sure it’s fun at first, but once you start recovering you feel how much you don’t belong there.

The last dream I had was about 2 years ago. This one wasn’t so much a nightmare, as I was performing a rescue mission. My long time best friend Chase was the star of this dream. In this dream he had managed to get himself hospitalized, the reason I can’t recall. In this dream I admitted myself to be with him and help him recover. I have the desire to help people, especially my friends. In the dream I helped him recover, and we were both released. It was by far the most pleasant of my hospital dreams. That makes me think about why I’m blogging here. I’m here to help you.

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