Elizabeth Horner

Something I’m Proud of:

My proudest moment throughout my mental health journey was when I decided to stop living in denial and shared my story about struggling with mental illness to friends and family. From there, others began to reach out and ask for advice and guidance and before I knew it, I was writing articles, speaking on podcasts, and being invited to speak at international conferences. I am proud of myself for taking that first step and sharing my story. We make a difference by being brave and inspiring others to do the same. That’s how we fight stigma.

Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

My advice for those who are newly diagnosed is to make sure you find a psychiatrist you trust and who listens to your goals. Finding the right medication can be a long and exhausting process at first but don’t give up. You’ll need to be open and honest with your doctor so that the two of you can work together to find a solution. I’d also recommend involving a trusted family member or friend. When things get tough, they can be a voice of reason that helps you stay grounded.

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