Elizabeth Starck

Something I am Proud Of:

Since my diagnosis of bipolar type 2, I have been blessed to experience many victories. I have graduated college with high honors, got into graduate school, and work as a recovery coach and peer specialist. I have done all of this despite being told that I would never “handle” college or any human services job. But, my biggest victory has been growing into the mother I always wanted to be. My bipolar came out after my son was born, and I lost everything very quickly. Today, life is beautiful! I co-parent wonderfully with my son’s father, my son has flourished and grown, and he knows how much I love him. He knows why I use self-care, feelings are okay, and that mom always promises to be strong and brave for herself and him. It’s a wonderful life.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

Bipolar is not a death sentence, nor does it mean your diagnosis will mimic any character in a movie. To me, it’s a simple fact that my brain works differently than some other people’s. I always have hope that life can be better than ever imagined and bipolar does not negate that sentiment. I read a lot when I first got my diagnose, I aligned myself with who knew about bipolar, and I asked for help. Today I speak openly about to help break the stigma that surrounds it in life. I use it as my superpower and I hope you do to!


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