Something I am Proud Of:

As of today, May 13th 2022, I am celebrating my One Year Out Of Hospital milestone. This is just incredible. Throughout the last seven years, I was treated with the wrong meds and misdiagnosed with BPD (which I don’t have) alongside my Bipolar—I would always end up inpatient around March, every single year. My life changed around 300 days ago when I met the best psychiatrist ever, and now, not only am I out of hospital, I’m fully stable and euthymic; that is something I would have never hoped to reach.


Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

I have three pieces of advice. First of all, get to know your illness. Read every article of IBPF you can get your hands on. Get educated. Secondly, and yet a crucial point, fight for your right to be treated by a capable professional. My life changed when I met my current psychiatrist. And finally, always remember you HAVE Bipolar—you are NOT Bipolar. Stop saying that. It will have a tremendous impact of your life.

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