Every Yin has its Yang!

While fishing through my old journals and day planners I came across something that I wrote on January 22nd of 2010:

Every yin has its yang….literally!
I just tested this theory out. I was looking for my coffee mug and was starting to become frustrated. I saw there was a bag of chips laying around on my table. As I immediately grabbed for the chips I clearly had a thought: I am matching my level of frustration with the level (amount) of “toxic” food I put into my vessel a.k.a. body. So as I was conscious of this thinking, I rolled up the chips, let my mind get to its original mind set (which was easy to do since I didn’t get too worked up) and looked on my bed. Sure enough, there was my bag with my coffee mug in it. The very same mug I was looking for.

Later that evening…

…therefore if you are any kind of emotion to the extreme, the universe will balance you by making you go through an extreme amount of the opposite emotion!

*This is why people are tired around me when I’m manic*

So the key to what I am trying to say is balance. Balance will get all of us far in life, whether bipolar, diabetic, or just your average run of the mill human being. I am not saying this is a New Year’s resolution, rather a lifetime resolution, but no pressure, rest assured. In some cases this takes just about a lifetime to learn, so pace yourself. Be easy on yourself when a bit too far up or down. Find strategies to help balance you out. For example when full of a bit too much energy, stressful energy or just an abundance of hyperactive energy, perhaps light some candles and take a bath, read a chapter of a good book, watch a movie or favorite t.v. show, if you have a pet, cuddle with them, etc. When feeling down maybe take a walk (if that seems too much than start off slow by maybe just getting out of bed, taking a shower, and putting on day clothes as if you plan on getting out of the house), call a friend, meet up with a friend for lunch, maybe go to their house to watch a movie and chat, etc. 

Balance is hard. It’s funny, I am sitting here writing this article while I should be at work. In a sense I failed at balancing myself out at the end of the night even though I started to settle in at 7:30pm. I fell asleep far after midnight and woke up too late to start the New Year by going to work on the first workday of the year. My job right now is to not beat myself up and move on. I am continuing to work on balancing myself and my emotions in order for me to be successful in living my life.

So with that I say good luck and Godspeed. I know all of you reading this, and more, will be well and good and full of limitless balanced possibilities.

Happy New Year, all!

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