How do you deal with the pain and anxiety that comes with having bipolar? Have you ever thought about exercising? I exercise six days a week and it is a huge stress reliever. I highly recommend it. 

It’s hard finding the motivation to do it, but you could always start by taking a thirty minute walk. You might find how nice it is to just get out there and be outside. That’s how I got started. I’m so glad that I did, too. 

There are so many other things that you can do, you can sign up for a 5K or start taking dance classes. You can even check out a yoga DVD from your local library. You’re bound to find something that you like. 

I’m not saying that you have to become a fitness expert or anything. The thing is, I used to hate exercise. I’ll admit, there are still some mornings when I’ll get up and think, “Great, I have to exercise!” But once I’m done, I’m so glad I did it. It’s very much worth it. 

So, next time you feel bad, try something as simple as a walk or a run. Just make sure you’ve got on good shoes! Hopefully, you’ll find something that you like. Good luck!

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