Fear For How Divided My Country Has Become

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions in this blog are the author’s and do not represent those of International Bipolar Foundation. The 2016 US election has been stressful for many people, and our bloggers often write about stressful events in their lives and how they cope with them. We recently published a blog on this topic from someone who voted for Hillary Clinton, so we reached out to our bloggers to find someone who voted for Donald Trump in order to have both viewpoints represented. 

Somehow at a funeral the topic of the election came up. It was the day after Donald Trump was announced. “How much worse could my day get? I bury a family member and Donald Trump is president.”

I sat there completely silent. It was pretty obvious there wasn’t a single person in that room that was for Donald Trump. I have never followed politics very closely, but this election caught my attention. My Facebook has been filled with pro Hillary and pro Donald ads, posts, and memes. I never posted my opinion on Facebook for fear of the judgement and the anxiety of losing friends over my opinion.

“You’re voting for Hillary??? WHY?”

“You’re voting for Trump??? WHY?”

“You’re not voting? How dare you!”

That seems to be the jist of replies to comments I have seen. So it’s a catch 22 then?

I voted for Donald Trump. Why? Because I felt he had more to offer to our country than Clinton. To me, it seemed like the lesser of the two evils. I live in a state where Clinton won too. I was told that voting for Trump made me racist. I am a second generation Chinese American and am far from racist. That’s like telling me I am racist against my own family.

I didn’t tell a single person who I voted for. I felt so uncomfortable telling anyone. It felt like this election lit a fire under a lot of Americans.

I am in shock about all the protests. I cannot even describe the anxiety I feel when I hear about the protests, the riots, and the hatred towards others. Now more than ever, America feels so divided. We are all reaching for the American dream. I feel like that has been completely lost. Donald Trump isn’t even in office yet and there are so many protests – what will happen when he is in office making decisions for our country? I am praying that we don’t have to fight a war within our own country.

“I fear for our country.” I heard that statement a lot from Hillary supporters. Well, if Hillary had won I’m pretty sure the Trump supporters would have been saying the same thing. I fear for how divided America has become, not who is in the oval office.

I am coping with this fear by keeping the media at a minimum currently so I don’t have to witness the negativity. I also have to remind myself to be in the present and not worry about the what-ifs and what is not in my control.

I also remind myself that even if the person I voted for had not won that I would have to trust my fellow Americans that they made the choice of what is best for our country.

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