Feeling Honored

Three years ago when I started this blog, my intent was to help as many bipolar parents as I possibly could. I wanted to share my experiences and feelings in hopes that others may be able to use what I am going through to feel less alone and be able to cope just a little bit better. Never did I dream that a year later I would be writing a book Moorestorms A Guide for the Bipolar Parent and reaching even more parents. How little did I know the opportunities that book would open up for me.

I have been offered and accepted a position with the Consumer Advisory Council through International Bipolar Foundation. I am so excited to start working with them and sharing ideas on how we can better advocate for the mental health community. I feel honored to have been given such an amazing opportunity! I am looking forward to meeting all the council members and start working on the projects that I know will make a difference in all of our communities.

Thank you to every one of my supporters! Without your help this all would not be happening!

Until next time…..


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