Finding Your Strengths

Recently, on an Australian website called the Black Dog Institute (very helpful, search it up), I registered for a program called the 6 Week Bite Back Challenge to help individuals find gratitude and happiness. One of the weeks tested strengths and virtues. It is a great activity to find your strengths, which we all have. I suggest printing this page, going through it and ticking the ones you believe you have, then finding your top three. Find ways to deepen these traits every day. Pin them up somewhere and remind yourself who you really are! 

Strengths of wisdom and knowledge 

  • Creativity – You are great at thinking of new things and creative ways of doing things. You like solving problems.
  • Curiosity – Interested in and curious about the world. Loves new experiences.
  • Open-mindedness/critical thinking – You think things through and examine issues from all angles before making decisions.
  • Love of learning – Loves learning new things and being known as knowledgeable.
  • Perspective and wisdom – Mature way of looking at the world, and you give good advice. 

Strengths of courage 

  • Honesty/integrity – You are honest. You speak the truth and are genuine.
  • Bravery – You are strong and courageous enough to deal with challenges and take on difficult situations.
  • Persistence – You work towards a goal despite challenges along the way.
  • Zest – You are energetic and passionate about life and throw yourself into what you do. 

Strengths of humanity 

  • Kindness – You are kind, generous and willing to do out of your way to do nice things for others.
  • Love – You value close relationships and believe in love.
  • Social intelligence – You have good understanding of yourself and other people. You have insight into your motives and moods and judge the moods and motives of others. 

Strengths of justice 

  • Fairness – You treat everyone equally and fairly.
  • Leadership – You are good at making things happen by organising and leading others.
  • Teamwork – You work well in a group or team. You work hard to help the group. 

Strengths of temperance 

  • Forgiveness – If wronged, you tend to forgive freely.
  • Modesty – You don’t brag about what you have achieved. Ever.
  • Prudence – You are careful. You think things through and consider everything before saying/doing things.
  • Self-control – You have discipline. You keep your feelings and actions in control. 

Strengths of transcendence 

  • Appreciation of beauty –You notice and appreciate excellence and beauty around you.
  • Hope/optimism – You expect the best and plan to achieve it.
  • Gratitude – You notice the good and don’t take it for granted. 
  • Humour/playfulness – You like to laugh and make others laugh too.
  • Spirituality – You have strong beliefs about the higher purpose and meaning of the universe. 

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