Gabe Howard

Gabe Howard is a leadership and motivational speaker, mental illness blogger and writer, as well as a person living with mental illness. Over ten years ago, Gabe was diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorders after being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Later, he would be terminated from his job with a Fortune 100 company, giving him firsthand experience of discrimination against the mentally ill.

Realizing that ignorance was a direct cause of the fear, discrimination, and stigmatization people with mental illness face, he has made it his mission to raise the level of people’s understanding about these disorders.

In the years since his diagnoses, he has become an outspoken advocate, professional non-profit fundraiser, community relations expert, business owner, and motivational speaker. He has served on multiple boards of directors; been a paid advocate, speaker, and fundraiser for local charitable organizations; testified in front of the Ohio General Assembly; been a guest lecturer at multiple universities; assisted with police training through the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program; worked with veterans suffering from mental illness; led support groups as a peer mentor; served on the Suicide Prevention Counsel; and done many speaking appearances in multiple states for audiences of all sizes. In addition to his work with groups, he has worked one-on-one with hundreds of families and people with mental illness.

He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Monthly, NAMI Advocate, multiple Suburban News Publication (SNP) newspapers, WCMH channel 4, WBNS Channel 10, multiple over-the-air radio outlets, multiple internet radio stations and podcasts, company training videos, Agency Internet Promotional Videos, and many newsletters and online blogs.

Gabe Howard is a dynamic speaker who uses humor, audience interaction, and common sense to engage the people around him.  He is charismatic and unforgettable. His enlightening, comical, motivating, and entertaining speeches challenge the audience to see things from a different point of view.

He currently makes his residence in Columbus, Ohio, with his caring and understanding wife, Kendall, and his virtual home at

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