Gathering the Light from the Stars: A Guided Imagery

Author: Sophia Falco

Find a comfortable position where you can either sit or lay down for about 10 minutes. If you feel it’s appropriate to close your eyes, then please do so, and if not keep your gaze downwards—this is totally fine too. First, get in tune with your breath.

Then imagine you are in a safe spot under the clear, and nice night sky sitting in your mediation posture on a sandy shore. There is a cool crisp breeze since you’re by the sea. There is a freshness drifting in the air. Beautiful stars inhabit the space way up overhead. Now bring your attention back to your body, specifically to your heart center. Imagine you have gathered all the light from the stars. This bountiful light is yours.

Imagine this light radiating from your heart center, into your entire chest, and spreading throughout your entire body reaching your mind and soothing your soul. This light edges out any darkness that is present.

Yet the light and darkness are not enemies. There is a time and place for each one, and perhaps even simultaneously. This place could be a place within your own mind. After experiencing darkness, the light can be even brighter. The intensity of these two entities can be altered with the breath with practice.

Let out an inner smile if it feels appropriate, and tell yourself lovingly: “May I be at ease.”. At ease. It is normal for thoughts to return. If they have arrived back, invite them to gently drift away, and then kindly shift your attention back to your breath.

Since you’re by the sea, you start to notice a yellow beam of light coming from a lighthouse on a distant shore since darkness has cloaked the seas. With childlike wonder, imagine that yellow beam of light is a magical pen that connects the stars like connect the dots. Now you have created your own constellation. With imagination can come the power of creativity. You can even give your own constellation a name.

Gently return your attention back to the sea. There is beautiful light on the waves since the full moon is giving that gift of light shimmering on the water. You hear the waves crash. You hear the silence arrive once the waves are forming again. Then you hear the crash. Sound then silence and sound then silence. This is a lyricless song on repeat by the ocean who has a beautiful rhythm. You are a witness to this song unique that is once in a lifetime.

Gently return your attention back to your breath. Take a few moments to return back to your body or however long you need. Move slowly and stretch if that feels good. Notice if any sounds are present where you are either sitting or lying down.

If it feels good to you, try to carry this light throughout the rest of your morning, afternoon, or evening. Cherish this light you manifested. Let there be light, and keep in mind the notion that this too shall pass. When you’re ready gently return back to the room, and continue forth.



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