George Zou

Something I am Proud Of:

Before being on injection, I was hospitalized 10 times and spent 5 years completing 1 year worth of college. However, once I found the right medication, I successfully completed 4 degrees total in 4 different disciplines: Liberal Arts, Economics, Business Administration, and Counseling. Nevertheless, the time spent in Higher Education was not wasted. I now spend my time helping students and adults with rehabilitation through education and employment. Looking back, I’m glad I got help at age 18 before it was too late and I am thankful for all the professionals who assisted with my recovery.

Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

My number one advice for someone experiencing symptoms of Bipolar Disorder is to seek help. Know that recovery will not happen overnight and one would need to make education and career adjustments. I initially desired to work in the stressful environment of banking industry. However, I later realized I needed to make detours to my dream career. It is best to listen to your body and do not ever feel guilty for lack of progress. Growth and recovery are hardly linear. Good luck!

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