Getting Through Thanksgiving

When you’re dealing with bipolar disorder, the holidays can be a tough time. Although I’m doing better than I was several years ago, this time of the year can still be a little tough. Everyone around me is just so happy and I start feeling a little melancholy. How do I deal with this feeling? 

I always tell my husband about it. I know that I can always go and talk to him about my feelings because he can relate on some level. We’ll sit down and talk about what I’m feeling in the moment and why I may be feeling that way. It always helps a lot. 

What happens when you don’t have that kind of support? It’s understandable why you’d want to turn inward during this time. My first suggestion would be to find a therapist so you’ll have someone that you’ll know that will listen to you during these hard times. It could help getting your feelings out to a professional.  

Another idea is to do volunteer work on that holiday. I know that sounds so stereotypical to suggest that, but I’ve done some volunteer work and it really does give you a new perspective on things and really gets you thinking about your own life and the things you have. The good feeling that you usually get is a nice bonus, too! 

As you know, I’m going to suggest prayer and turning to God. I’m not trying to push my beliefs on you, but turning to Jesus has helped both my husband and me. We’ve started doing this routine where we open up the Bible at night, find a random passage and see how we can relate to it. We don’t always get it right on the first try, but we find what He’s trying to tell us.  

I hope that this Thanksgiving is a good one for you. Remember to take some time for you this holiday, too. Take yourself out to your favorite restaurant, see a movie or spend the day watching Netflix. Just take time to spoil yourself and take care of you. There’s nothing wrong with taking that time for you. In fact, it’s very healthy to do so. 

Maybe that’s one of the keys to dealing with the holidays. Taking some much needed time for yourself. I know that’s easier said than done, but you’re not a superhero, you need to remind yourself that you’re worth a little love from yourself. 

Sarah regularly blogs for IBPF and has done some YouTube Videos for their channel. She now writes on a regular basis for the Dallas Morning Post as well. 


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