Something I am Proud of:

For the first seven years of my bipolar journey, only my family knew that I lived with this mental illness. I was very embarrassed and ashamed to be diagnosed with bipolar. I felt like I was weird and thought that nobody would like me if they knew this secret. Starting in 2007, I started taking various courses and attending retreats for both spiritual and personal growth. Fast forward to now…for the 8th year in a row, I am leading and co-organizing an annual bipolar awareness fundraising hike. Many people in the town where I live know that I live with bipolar disorder. And that is okay!

Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

1. Have compassion for yourself and fully accept that you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder2. Be radically open-minded to a wide variety of things to assist you in being mentally stable3. Remind yourself that YOU are in charge of your mental health, your physical health and your life4. Do your best to release a “poor me” and/or “victim” mentality5. Study and improve your mindset through videos, courses, and audios6. Seriously consider minimizing or releasing alcohol from your life7. Build and maintain a strong support network of two to five people8. Celebrate that you are a survivor!

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