Her Orange Crayon

The orange crayon made the setting

sun possible as he held on to the string

taking him upwards attached to the rays

attached to the orange balloon that was

made possible by the birth of creativity,

outside the lines as the string swayed

as chaos ensued as the orange crayon

became smaller such force from a small

hand from the will of imagination.

Image previewFalco’s third poetry book: Chronicles of Cosmic Chaos: In The Fourth Dimension is forthcoming later this year, and she is the author of Farewell Clay Dove, and of her award-winning chapbook: The Immortal Sunflower all published by UnCollected Press. She is the winner of the Mirabai Prize for Poetry, and she graduated magna cum laude along with the highest honors in the Literature Department from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her Bachelor of Arts degree is in intensive literature with a creative writing concentration in poetry. In addition, she has over 40 individual poems published in various literary journals, and magazines. Now Sophia is in a highly regarded Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Program for Poetry along with carrying out a Teaching Fellowship. She is on her way to make her dream job become a reality to be a Professor of Poetry.

Learn more about Sophia—who is a faithful poet since she finds poetry essential to her understanding of the universe—and find more of her writing on: https://www.sophiafalco.com/ and https://www.pw.org/directory/writers/sophia_falco

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