Hey Batter, Batter … Swing!

“No one knows about a swing better than someone who has Bipolar Disorder.

Mood swings are the major part of my life. I’m either on my way up. Up. On my way down. Down. Or I’m “stable” waiting and not knowing if my next swing will be up or down.

I’ve experienced some incredible highs. I’ve gone days without sleep. I’ve written novels and stories in a stream of consciousness that is like spewing forth with no stopgap. No throttle.”

I’ve lived the highest of highs dancing on top of bars and the lowest of lows sitting on the floor, a bottle of tequila in one hand and a handful of pills in the other.

My life with Bipolar Disorder is living from one swing to the other, hoping that my medication can handle the severity and give me some relief without too many side effects.

That’s my choice: outrageous swings or side effects.

I loved my high swings. I loved how brilliant I knew I was and how energetic I could be. I knew I could achieve greatness. I was just one swing away. Always. One swing away.

I also knew how close I could be to losing everything with jut a swing.

So, I take my medications. I have faith that they will work. And, I have faith in my psychiatrist and support team that they will have my back.

I have faith that my support team will do what is best for me when I swing out of control, because we’ve covered it all in my Wellness Recovery Action Plan. That if necessary, I will be hospitalized or have a medication change. Whatever we’ve worked out ahead of time. Because I know what is best for me. My support team is what is best for me.

And, I have faith in myself that I will be strong enough to take care of myself when I can. And, strong enough to let others take care of me when I can’t.

But, most of all, swinging or not, I will never let Bipolar Disorder make me a victim. I am a Bipolar Disorder Warrior. I’ll bat at every swing.

Every time.

For me.

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