High Hopes, Not High Expectations

Author: Claire

At the beginning of my college career, my expectations for post grad life were through the roof. I was going to graduate early, balance a million extracurriculars, and somehow make time to travel the world. Without time to prepare, mania arrived without warning. My expectations for personal success were dashed, and I lived in depression for the next year, with a dreary vision of the rest of my life. Everyday was filled with negative emotions and I saw no escape. Does this sound familiar to you?

Expectations are quiet demands of our mind. They may seem harmless, like expecting an A on a test, but when the result doesn’t meet these expectations, our mood is impacted in a negative way. On the other hand, I believe that hope is what keeps us going. Having high hopes fuels hard work and the positive energy we emit into the world. When I have hope, it can manifest in a brighter future for myself and others. I try not to “expect” things, because that comes from a sense of entitlement, but hoping for things is to aspire for good to come.

If you have any form of bipolar disorder, know that you have every right to chase after your hopes and dreams. Bipolar presents us with the gifts of empathy, foresight, and strength – use them to your advantage. Even though my path veered away from what I expected, I’ve realized that life’s possibilities are endless. Recovery is hard, and I’ve been there. However, hope is never truly lost, just waiting to be seized.

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