Hold On

Author: Sophia Falco


The light was unable to filter in

between the small spaces of the

yellow leaves belonging to

a quaking aspen.


Instead, the light was stuck behind that

dense tree canopy until one leaf fell slowly

unleashing the freedom for

a single ray.


(This same leaf broke the still surface

of the water creating tiny ripples

spreading outwards between the border of

water and land. How to break borders?)


While in search of freedom,

I made footprints in the dirt,

and particles that were kicked up drifted

behind me in the wind.


I tried to move past the darkness, and

after many hours of walking, sweat dripped

down the side of my face

mimicking my tears.


Finally I was able to stand beneath

that gap where that one leaf had

fallen, and under that

single beam of light.

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