How Many Incompletes Do You Have?

Like many or most of you, I have ideas popping into my head all the time.  They range from simple things like sending a text or email to someone to just say hi, all the way to new businesses that I’d love to start up.  I also have projects at home that I start with gusto…some of them get completed and some of them don’t.

In my experience, when I set a definitive timeline for a project completion and tell at least one person about it, it gets done.  When neither of these are in place they tend to not be completed.  Even better is when I email, text or better yet talk to that person once a week (or more if possible) to update them on my progress in that area.

What does this have to do with bipolar disorder?

For me, completing projects gives me a huge energy and confidence boost.  It helps me realize that I can get things done when I put my mind to it and not use my diagnosis of bipolar disorder as an excuse.  Doing so also helps me to focus.  While bipolar disorder can be a real challenge at times, it can also make me incredibly focused and productive when I’m in the right mindset with good support.

When I have not completed projects in the past I have often used bipolar disorder as an excuse in my own head.  It’s not something I say to others however I’ve told myself that “it would be different if I was not diagnosed with bipolar disorder”.

There are two projects that I’ve committed to completing on or before August 31.  They are very important to me and are related to a business that I have.  I talked about them with a friend this morning on a call, and we’ve already set a time for a check-in phone call next week.

Uncompleted projects are mental baggage that I end up thinking about.   I’ve beat myself up in the past for not completing them and ended up feeling bad about that.

I challenge you to think of one project to complete on or before August 31.  It could be as simple as organizing one shelf in your kitchen, to as complex as finishing a deck that you started building earlier this year. 

Be specific about what you will complete and by when.  Tell at least one person about it.  Then do it!  I’d appreciate any comments below that you feel comfortable sharing. 

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