Hypomanic Project Spending

I can always tell when I am dealing with renovation construction while in a hypomanic mood. It costs money, lots of it. My landscaping job started at $5000+-. Add a walkway and entrance pad of hand laid stone on a whim. $12,000+- total. Add an irrigation system $14,500+- total. Finish off with a driveway tearing apart and repaving with stone liners $19000+- total.

My wife was somewhat surprised at all the work done. She really hadn’t questioned me on the project as she was busy at work and stayed in Toronto. But she says now it’s done it is a first rate job and not to worry that I committed to such a large contract of almost $20,00 after starting at one quarter of that amount

I am writing about this to show that’s how a bipolar spends $20,000 in a week. And I am under medication plus therapy and am compliant. Now I am concerned about the forty year old soffit and facia and eaves troughs. I have a $2,000 quote. My wife doesn’t know about the perceived problem yet. What about the garage door?

What’s the difference between a hypomanic spending spree and a manic one? In a manic once I bought $65,000 worth of furniture in 15 minutes for the house I bought in five minutes the day before that.

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