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I care for someone with bipolar disorder

If you care for a loved one who has bipolar disorder, you are what we call a “caregiver.” An important thing you should remember as a caregiver is not to forget to take care of yourself. International Bipolar Foundation is here to provide information for you to learn more about bipolar disorder. By educating yourself you can better understand what your loved one is going through and learn ways to help them and yourself. Here are some quick links to get started:

Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder book

Our Healthy Living book is an overview of all aspects of healthy living with bipolar disorder, and includes a chapter specifically for caregivers. This is especially helpful for those who are new to bipolar disorder and are looking for a "user manual." Translations and country specific chapters are also available. Click here to request a free PDF. 


Webinars are online presentations that are about an hour long. We have a live webinar almost every week with experts on different areas of bipolar disorder. Each webinar is recorded and posted to our website. The webinars go in depth on specific topics and are designed to help you learn more about different treatment options, developing research trends, or everyday tips for managing symptoms. A wide variety of topics are covered, here are some examples that are especially useful for caregivers:

Click here to see all of our recorded webinars, and here to see a list of upcoming live webinars.


We have about 40 active bloggers who write monthly posts on different topics related to bipolar disorder. By reading the blogs you can see that you are not alone and learn things that have helped other people in similar situations. Some of our bloggers are caregivers like you, you can see posts related to caregivers here. View all of the blogs here.

Youtube Question and Answer Series

We have a series of youtube videos where experts in the field answer common questions about bipolar disorder. Some are from a medical perspective and others are from caregivers or people who have bipolar disorder. Here are some examples for caregivers:

More videos are added every week. See them all here

Girl Scout Mental Health Awareness Patch

Girl scouts earn our Mental Health Awareness patch by completing activities to learn about the brain and its influence on thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Learn more and request more information here

Social Media

We are active on several social media platforms, check us out at these links: 

Treatment and Support Resources

Caregivers need support too, did you know there are support groups just for caregivers?  We can help you find a support group in your area or other resources like treatment centers, psychiatrists, and therapists. View our resource page or email us at for help finding a referral. US consumers can also use this treatment locator.

If you have questions or need additional help, email us at