Into The Abyss

My name is Roger and I have Bipolar. This was written a week ago, just after the painting was completed.

There are times when I am in the “high” of a mania and there are times when I am in the “low” of depression. This painting depicts that frightening time when I am in a flux of uncertainty. I am not quite sure if I am on my way upward into an over-exuberance that leads me to do things that seem wonderful at the time, but result in sometimes horrible consequences. Or am I on my way downward toward the lows of depression that result in the inability to function at all.

Maybe today will be just a good day or just a bad day and I will not be heading in either direction at all.

Maybe I will be at peace.


In reading this back to myself I realize that I have used the word I more than 10 times. But that is OK.

After all: Life is always all about ME!

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