It’s that Time of Year

This is the time of year that we become reflective and think about all the reasons why we have become thankful.

I know I do it. I see it all over the Internet on Facebook and Twitter. People posting why they are thankful. The Internet by-ways are practically flooded and clogged with people cramming in a couple of day’s worth of “I’m thankful….” That they think will cover them the rest of the year.


What have they been doing the rest of the year?

Oh, right. They’ve been busy living.

Well, let’s see them living with a chronic illness or mental illness and try not to think every day how thankful they are.

I can’t do it? Can you?

I can’t go a single solitary day without being thankful I am alive. That I have a reason for living. That I have the best support team in the world: my husband, my therapist, my psychiatrist, and my doctor. I am thankful for each person in my life that cares enough to speak up when I’m not taking care of myself the way I should.

I am thankful for a merciful and patient God who watches over me and loves me despite how broken I think I am at times.

I’m thankful for a well rounded and complete Wellness Recovery Action Plan that my husband and I use as our daily “bible” to keep us on track and nip any Bipolar issues in the bud before they blow up into uncontrollable episodes.

I love my family and am thankful I can talk to them about my illnesses and they understand or at least are sympathetic. I’m thankful for friends who understand my moods and can adapt to any circumstance.

I’m thankful I have such a positive and productive outlet such as writing to help me process and heal in good times and bad.

So, being thankful the whole year, I wonder what we can teach those who only “practice” a few days rather than “live” thankfulness the entire year? Life is precious. Living is the most important part of life. Don’t just “exist” for the sake of getting by.

How thankful are you?

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