It Took A Village

By: Liz Wilson

Dear Supporter; 

You are the Mother who answered little Liz’s incessant questions when my curiosity exhausted everyone else. You listened to me and that made me feel important and validated. Gave me a thirst for knowledge that remains insatiable to this day. Thank you for giving me a foundation to launch from. 

You are the teacher at school who wrote me a note-after my world religions presentation- encouraging me to become a teacher. Despite a lack of title, I educate everyone who will let me and, like you, empower those around me. Thank you for encouraging my growth.

You are the failed relationships that taught me that I have patterns and behaviors that need addressed and changed. You taught me to see the difference between isolation and being alone ( Thank you for clarity and hindsight. 

You are my friends; strong women who taught me to adore little Liz.  To take her out, show her off and nurture her little soul. You modeled healthy things like DBT (  and self-love. Your love for me healed 1,000 wounds. Thank You for your allegiance.

You are my children; who grew up faster than I did. Whose eyes are like disco balls, shining light into every dark corner of life and carrying a placard and a pocketful of voter registrations to remind me to interact with my whole world. Thank you for your inspiration.

You are my peers, showing me how to suppress and—alternatively– highlight my symptoms for my betterment. You are survivors (even those who gave into the madness for a moment or lifetime). Thank you for paving the way, stigma busting and being the amazing Kaleidoscope of bipolar recovery.

Finally, you are my mental health team. The doctors and professionals who research meds, methods and mayhem so that I can know moments of peace and clarity. 

I once wrote a poem “you are the pieces of a thousand lives… you are the women who kicked at the bricks of the Berlin Wall… you are work boot and high heel” … you are all the pieces that compromise ME.

Thank you,


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