Jae Taylor

Starting off with the basics, I’m a mother of three boys (mere words can’t describe them) ages 21, 15 and 12. They all have ADHD, and one has autism. I’ve also unofficially “adopted” one or two other people. It’s a thing that just sort of happens.

To be honest, I’m not too shy to admit I’m the proud owner of more than one mental illness and other issues. Some of them include (but are not limited to): bipolar disorder, general anxiety disorder, PTSD, ADD (yep, the kids come by that one honestly) and a very unhealthy fear of spiders. There’s also an owner certificate for memory retention issues, both cognitive and auditory. With the help of my kids, my friends, my heart-sister and my smartphone, I have developed moderately adequate coping skills.

This may sound odd, but I find bipolar disorder fascinating. It’s not uncommon to find me on the computer researching and learning about bipolar disorder and autism on a regular basis. Whether it’s a new cause theory, new meds, benefits of exercise or different types of coping techniques, I’m reading about them. I may not always remember them, but I’m reading them.

In the course of my recovery, I’ve learned that I truly like helping others with their mental illness; helping them with their recovery. Being able to help others gives me a sense purpose. Today, I’m a Certified Peer and Wellness Support Specialist. I peer facilitate a writing group for a day rehabilitation group, and I’m known to commit random acts of kindness. The latter one is a lot of fun, especially if I can get away with it anonymously.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I have a tendency to search for the positive in the negative, and I use humor more times than not. Hopefully you’ll find something there that helps you in your recovery!

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