Something I am Proud Of:

After spending time educating myself and seeking support, I feel proud of my understanding of my diagnosis. Learning what works for me has been huge in helping guide me on my mental health journey. I’m also proud of connections I’ve made after speaking out. A friend and I started a Bipolar support group, and running the group has not only been an amazing outlet fostering awesome connections, but also a huge sense of pride in terms of starting and following through with a project that means so much to me. I’m very proud of the work I’ve put in to make it to this point!

Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

Whenever you’re ready, try to reframe your mindset surrounding your diagnosis. Personally, I feel that living with Bipolar disorder has made me more empathetic towards others, and more self-aware. Your diagnosis can also make opening up conversations in the mental health realm more surmountable. Using your platform and experience to reach others can remind you that your voice is meant to be heard. Your experiences can be shared to benefit yourself on your journey, as well as others who are on their own path to recovery. Always remember, you are not alone!


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