John Poehler

John Poehler was diagnosed Bipolar Type 1 back in 1999.  He is the creator and founder of the blog “The Bipolar Battle”, whose mission is to help empower those afflicted with bipolar disorder live the life they deserve.  John is a mental health advocate, writer and aspiring author.  He is in the early creative stages of writing a book.  Academically, John earned his B.S. in Natural Sciences along with minors in both Math and Chemistry, from Colorado State University.  He has a diploma in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training, CNA certification, Associates in Accounting and certificate in Computer Specialist. 

John lives in Colorado.  One of his favorite past times is to visit his Dad and Stepmom up in the Rocky Mountains.

When John isn’t writing, you can find him spending time with his family, working out, running, drawing, organizing his comic book collection or watching movies.  

John’s passion is to reduce the stigma of mental illness.  Specifically, bipolar disorder.  He does this through an open dialogue and education.  You can find him spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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