Kathleen K.

 My name is Kathleen K. I have been diagnosed with Schizo Affective, Bipolar One disorders since I was 33. That’s about 22 years. I have lived through just about anything and everything. From being experimented with on all kinds of medication, as the Doctors couldn’t decide which disorder to treat, to being in Mental Hospitals every three to four months for 11 years. In 2004 a Doctor at a Hospital where I was staying came in and treated me with a very large dosage of Geodan. He put me on 280 mgs of Geodan. At the time I was hearing Voices and Hallucinating. This also had been going on since I was thirty-three. But I never told anyone about the voices till ten years into my illness. After the Doctor put me on the high dosage of Geodan it took about a week to increase it from 80 mgs up to 280. Then all the voices and hallucinations went away. So as of 2004 I started my recovery. I will be blogging more about things in which other people can hopefully relate to in their own lives from my experiences. I have been in recover since 2004. Thank you for reading my bio!


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