Keep On Trying

Ten years ago a dear friend of mine gave me a little book during my very first hospital stay called Keep on Trying which is centered around a kitten. I have been reminded of that book in many different ways over the last year through two dear friends. It has inspired me to collect together what I have learned and received through their never-ending love and support to write my own Keep on Trying Poem in hopes to share what they have given me.

I know it always seems like it’s raining,
Keep on trying because there will be days you see the sun shining through.

I know life is tough


Keep on trying because I know your true strength and one day you’ll know it too.

I know it doesn’t seem like you can catch a break


Keep on trying because one day that break will come right to you.

I know you let go of past dreams when you got sick


Keep on trying to believe in yourself as new dreams can always come true.

I know it’s hard to be patient, kind, and gentle with yourself


Keep on trying because you are worth every ounce of all things good.

I know you don’t believe me,


I will keep on trying too


You are beautiful, smart, special, kind, talented, one-of-a-kind inside and out

And I know,

One day you will see it when you look in the mirror too.

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