Kiki Hope

Through pain comes the need to outlet into many other forms, but one that resided with me was through poetry. I’m Kiarra Hope Lynch, I’m 23, and I grew up in a small town called Maryborough in Queensland, Australia. My poetry journey began when I was first admitted to a hospital in November of 2015. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and panic disorder. Poetry is what helped me articulate what was going on in my mind. I continued writing, as after my first admission to the hospital I was placed in a mental health facility for 2 months, though soon after my release I was admitted to the hospital again, and then again. Throughout this time, I wrote poetry to get through it. This book contains the poems from my times in the hospital with photos attached of my memories from my hospital stay. My hope is that it resonates with somebody out there, and that it helps them in some way. Let’s end the stigma around mental illness and fight it by articulating the clouds in our minds into beautiful rainbows of art!

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