Kris McElroy

Something I Am Proud Of:

I am most proud of how far I have come over the years. I remember how I felt when I kept relapsing and was navigating managing my mental illness as well as caring for another person with bipolar disorder. Graduating college, being in a healthy relationship, and reaching 3 months before another relapse seemed like a faraway dream in the beginning years. But, now I am a college graduate, am in a healthy marriage, pursuing my passions, and I am actively living my relapse prevention plan while having boundaries and making self-care a priority.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

I remember being so scared a frightened. There was so much unknown to me and I felt like my whole world was changing. I had so many questions and had no idea how to even begin navigating resources and support. I wish I was more kind and gentle with myself back then because I was navigating a lot. My advice is to take it one moment, one hour, and one day at a time while being kind, patient, and gentle with yourself; and utilize the resources and support you find helpful while you are on this journey managing a mental illness.

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