Kristi Wilkerson

Kristi WilkersonKristi Wilkerson is the author of All Things Blogtastic Blog. Wilkerson received her Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology from Ball State University, Muncie, IN, 1996. In addition to being a parent blogger for IBF, she is a ASK Champion for About Special Kids and a Family Resource Team Member for A Balanced Mind Foundation (formerly Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation). She does not have Bipolar Disorder herself but is a single mother to a 12 year old son who does. Through her blog and her volunteer opportunities she shares her story with others, helps find resources, answers and hopefully a peace of mind to parents of children who have been diagnosed with this illness. She loves writing, reading, music, photography and traveling. She also enjoys reading about and doing research on bipolar disorder in her spare time and wants to someday make a career out of being an advocate for children and families who suffer from mental illness.

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