Laura Low

My name is Laura Low. I am a single mom to two girls. I live in Shingle Springs, California with my daughters, our two dogs and cat. I also have a small farm where I raise chickens, goats and pigs. 

Growing up, I knew my thoughts were different from other kids my age. I never seemed to be able to handle things like everyone else. At age 18 I was diagnosed with severe depression. After my first daughter was born I was then diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder. In September 2014, after my first overdose, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. I have been hospitalized two additional times. Since my diagnosis, I have been working with my doctors to keep my medications adjusted to my needs. I hope to one day find the right balance. My severe mood shifts have always been a challenge and continue to be.

I currently work as a dog groomer’s assistant and go for hikes when I can. Journaling has been a great outlet for me as well. 

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