Lauren Meredith

Something I Am Proud Of:

The moment I realized I am like everybody else despite my diagnosis’ was the light in my journey.  I realized my diagnosis of mental health problems is no different than physical diagnosis like asthma or diabetes. Ultimately, when I saw myself as somebody who’s normal, it released pressures and stressors.  Once I realized that I indeed had a lot on my plate, but managed well, did I notice I was like anybody else.  That moment, that declaration of: “I will be okay!”, was the beginning of progress for me in my life-long journey.  Like me, you are normal too.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

My best advice to the newly diagnosed is to rest assured.  You are not alone in this path.  It may feel lonely, it may be a tough road, but ride a Jeep and not a Camry: ride the edges, feel the dirt, and muster through the mess.  In the end, it’s worth it and you are not the first person on that path….you’re an ant in a long line…there’s someone in front of you and someone behind you so it’s important we hold hands together.  Together, our voices are stronger and we lift each other up when one gets knocked down. Simply know: You are not alone.

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