Lauren Yang

Lauren Yang is a doctoral student studying clinical psychology in New York, NY. Born and raised in California, Lauren began her mental health journey at the end of her senior year in college when she experienced her first hypomanic episode. Since then, it has been an ongoing process for her to accept her condition. It is this journey that has also served as part of her inspiration for pursuing a career in mental health care. As she proceeds through her clinical training, Lauren strives to treat others with the compassion and understanding of someone who has experienced the challenges involved in mental health treatment.

Through blog writing and advocacy work, she aims to share her perspectives on living with bipolar disorder as a young Asian American woman. Lauren is also a member of the Young Adult Council for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, which assists in developing outreach and specialized programming to help young adults in their transition to independence. Previously, Lauren was a member of the second You Matter Blogger Council for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in 2014. She wrote eight blog posts on mental health, suicide prevention, and young adult concerns. Lauren is passionate about spreading hope to those who may feel they are alone in their struggles and continues to provide support as a volunteer for Crisis Text Line.

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