Something I am Proud Of:

I am proud of not giving up on myself eight years ago. After my first hypomanic episode, I was often confused and frustrated, as I tried to find the right treatment team for myself. Eventually, I found providers who have helped me not only manage my symptoms, but also enabled me to live life fully. I am now less than a year away from earning my Psy.D degree in clinical psychology. While bipolar disorder may be something I have, I am not defined by it. I am more than just my diagnosis.

Advice to Newly Diagnosed:

I want to affirm that finding the right providers for yourself can be an incredibly frustrating process. There are also barriers to access for many out there. It is not an easy path, but your well-being is worth the investment. I also strongly encourage building that support network for yourself. Finding your people can help ease some of the burden, allowing yourself to feel safe and held. Wherever you may be on your journey – take heart that it does get better. You are not alone, and bipolar disorder does not have to limit you.

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