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Welcome to the International Bipolar Foundation community! We’re so happy you’re interested in sharing your story with us.

Prior to submitting an application, review our blogging manual here. Once reviewed, please fill out the blogging agreement included in the manual and submit with the brief application below. For additional questions, please email

All of our bloggers are volunteers and contribute blogs pro bono. 


December Writing Prompts

Mixed Mood States
  • What is your experiences of mixed mood states?
  • How are mixed mood states different from depression and mania (from your own experience)?
  • What are some of your symptoms of a mixed mood state, and how did you know you were in one?

Natural Therapies

  • What forms of natural therapies have you tried or found success with?
  • Have you found success in practicing meditation, yoga, daily exercise, a nutritious diet, or any other natural healing pathways?
  • Has improving your physical health ever benefitted your mental health as well

New Year, Same Me

  • How does the start of a new year make you feel? What emotions or triggers may come along with this new beginning?
  • What habits are you trying to build or break in the future?
  • What are your hopes for the new year?
  • What have been successful resolutions or goals that you’ve set in the past?
  • How do you manage a rocky start to a new year?
  • What are some strategies you have found successful when starting a new year?


  • What is your experience with depression, especially in the winter months? Have you been facing increased challenges in the winter months?
  • What are some tools and tips that you have used to help you survive depressive episodes?
  • How have you maintained personal connections during depressive periods, winter months, or social isolation periods?
  • How do you take care of yourself when you are depressed? 
  • What do you wish other people would know about depression? How do you wish people would respond and help care for you when you feel at your lowest?
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