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Welcome to the International Bipolar Foundation community! We’re so happy you’re interested in sharing your story with us.

Prior to submitting an application, review our blogging manual here. Once reviewed, please fill out the blogging agreement included in the manual and submit with the brief application below. 

All of our bloggers are volunteers and contribute blogs pro bono.

July Writing Prompts

Minority Mental Health Month

  • What are misconceptions and stigmatizing beliefs in your community that make discussions surrounding mental illness taboo?
  • How do you overcome your community’s stigma regarding mental illness?
  • How can you inspire education, hope, and support in your community?
  • Why is it important that patients see themselves represented in clinicians from their own communities?

International Self-Care Day (July 24) 

  • In what ways do you incorporate self-care to manage your mental health and/or bipolar disorder?
  • Do you have a daily self-care ritual and an “emergency” self-care plan? What is the difference between the two.

August Writing Prompts

Back To School

  • How do you prepare for the school year and managing your mental illness?
  • What type of support is offered at your school to promote better mental health? How can you increase awareness at your school?
  • Have you had a discussion with your teachers about your mental illness? What did you feel that they needed to know to better accommodate you throughout the school year? Why was this helpful?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted your schooling? Has this made an impact on your mental health? 
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