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Welcome to the International Bipolar Foundation community! We’re so happy you’re interested in sharing your story with us.

Prior to submitting an application, review our blogging manual here. Once reviewed, please fill out the blogging agreement included in the manual and submit with the brief application below. 

All of our bloggers are volunteers and contribute blogs pro bono.

March Writing Prompts

World Bipolar Day 

In honor of our theme #bipolarbrave, share your story by answering one of these questions:

  • How is disclosing your diagnosis “bipolar brave”?
  • What does #bipolarbrave mean to you?
  • Caregivers- how are you and your loved one #bipolarbrave together?

April Writing Prompts

Alcohol Screening

  • Do you have dual diagnosis? Tell us about how you manage both illnesses.
  • How does alcohol impact your bipolar disorder symptoms and episodes?
  • Have you had a negative experience from drinking on medication? Why is it important to refrain from alcohol use while on medication?
  • Why do you choose to abstain from alcohol use?

Stress Awareness

  • How does stress impact your bipolar disorder?
  • How do you eliminate stress in your life to better manage your mental health?

Autism Awareness

  • Do you have comorbid autism and bipolar disorder? Tell us about the similarities and differences of both diagnoses and how you manage them both.

Counseling Awareness

  • Tell us about one of your favorite lessons/tools learned in therapy.
  • Tell us about the special relationship your therapist has in your wellness journey.
  • Therapists – how can patients make the most of a therapy session?

Minority Health

  • How does the stigma of mental illness and/or hiding your mental illness manifest in the physical health of your community?

World Health Day

  • Explain why mental health is health
  • What are ways that your mental illness impacts your overall health?
  • How has caring for your overall health improved your ability to manage your mental illness?


  • What is an emotional service animal vs. a psychiatric support animal?
  • How does your pet support your mental wellbeing?
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
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