Leonard Herman

Something I’m Proud of:

Traveling can be great fun and produce memorable times. Consider somebody with immense anxiety and mood issues. I use to pack my entire bathroom on trips to make sure I would not be without any vital antidote to the poisons lurked within Tokyo’s inner belly. With age and analysis you inherit great wisdom. My wisdom allows me to be flexible in the face of great disadvantages. I am constantly looking back at what worked and what was a trigger. Whether a foreign land or the comfort of my bed, I am ready to battle my personal demons with my makeshift weapons of war.

Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

Once I was diagnosed with bipolar 1, I started to read everything even vaguely related that I could find. Reference books, diaries and blogs of those with mental illness and work struggles. People had similar struggles as me and in some cases more advanced symptoms. Reading books that discuss mental health allowed me to know the terminology and overlaps with other illnesses. No two people will have the same experiences as personal history and background shape the illness in unique ways. The best advice is to get educated and keep checking in with a therapist. Illness is something you can hide from others at times, but never from yourself. Make a plan to manage your moods and include family members that are supportive and empathetic.

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